Airbnb, the world’s most famous online rental company certainly affected the travel industry worldwide. And while vacation used to mean staying in a hotel room paying hundreds, Airbnb found a way to provide people an experience of being on vacation but still feeling that comfort of home.

Airbnb has the same policy for its offices; these modern day spaces express the company’s fresh and innovative spirit adding a breath of home. It’s no different in Dublin City.

Burke Joinery is right on board when it comes to building the coolest offices. Over the span of this project we supplied a wide range of high quality unique products. The range included integrated door sets, quiet zones, solid birch task tables, oak lathed feature walls, acoustic panelling and bespoke oak locker units.

The large hallway as well as the breakout spaces and work areas are a representation of a modern day design. Holding on to that, Airbnb is aware of the importance of room acoustics. Therefore, one of our acoustic products was implemented into the design and functionality of the entire space. Not only is a very practical solution for keeping the noise down, but it also looks really stylish, don’t you think?

Burke Joinery is very pleased to be collaborating on this project of building not yet another office, but a home for the culture and spirit of Airbnb.