October 11, 2016

Ellen Laurischk is a young joiner from Germany who decided to come abroad to share her joinery craftsmanship skills and gain some new. Burke Joinery has welcomed Ellen for three weeks as a part of exchange program that we have been involved in for the last 2 years.

The whole exchange program has been carried out by Handwerk– a joint platform of chambers and associations representing joinery craft. Part of their work includes training various trades at the highest level- training involves a work placement abroad. Handwerk is also a highly valued partner of Burke Joinery and as such, we thank them for providing us with the opportunity to collaborate with some of the most talented young joiners from Germany and wider.

We already talked about our partnering project with Tischlerei Wenk, and now we have embraced another project, but this time with Moser GmbH.


Moser GmbH is a German company that has been dedicated to window and door construction, interior fittings and processing of the mineral material Corian for 50 years. Moser combines latest technologies with classic handling processes using the innovative substances to achieve “Modern Perfection”.

Moser’s work always includes efficiency, flexibility and precision. Offering the best quality in craftsmanship, Moser has the ability to satisfy anyone’s requirements. Simple and modern design that involves functionality and emphasis on personalized space outlines the heart of their vision.

Shared knowledge

Even though the exchange program is only 3 weeks long, Ellen was very actively involved in all the projects that Burke Joinery is currently working on. What we have learned so far, is that exchanging and sharing ideas is always beneficial and contributes to upgrading our joinery craftsmanship knowledge.

It was a pleasure having Ellen around and it was indeed a fun and educational experience. As Ellen has just finished her 3-week stay at Burke Joinery, we wish her very best of luck and a greatest success in all her future endeavours.