Fire resistant acoustic door sets

At Burke Joinery we pride ourselves on being innovative by taking the underlying principles of traditional joinery craft and developing them in a modern concept.

Recently we announced our partnership with Akustik+ to offer multiple acoustic solutions for controlling sound. Our passion for acoustics has inspired us to expand our product range and offer our clients the best quality door set that combines natural timber aesthetics, high acoustic and fire performance.

The working environment has changed in recent years as staff desire an environment that helps them feel better in order to work, learn and heal. Minimising the effects of noise disturbance and sound insulation is a “must have” for companies within this context. Controlling noise is a major issue in a modern world. In addition to providing clients the acoustics products such as wall panels and quiet zones, we wanted to make sure that our product range is complete. A soundproof door set with fire resistance represents the final addition to building a sound conscience and safe environment.

Our new fire rated acoustic door set will be perfect for anyone who wants to control noise transmission and minimise the negative effects of noise disturbance. Therefore, the privacy can be kept. We expect the performance level to be available to satisfy today’s collaborative working environments.

Over the last 12 months we have been involved in detailed research with UCD’s Engineering Department in association with the Irish Centre for Composites Research. The whole research process started with testing a wide range of varying materials and designs with the ultimate objective to develop the highest performance in fire and acoustic solutions. The process involved: research and design of acoustic testing rig, acoustic software and equipment selection, conducting various testing methods, measurement of ambient sound, sound pressure level data smoothing and finally the statistical analysis of measurements. There was an emphasis on the discovery of raw materials from unrelated industries and the combinations of such that have never been seen in door set manufacturing.

While the market offers a variety of doors to choose from, all of which are combining different ratios of fire resistance and soundproof performance; Burke Joinery prides itself in discovering the single solution for FD30 + FD60 ratio with the highest possible dB sound reduction.

Currently, we are involved in the first stage of testing our door sets. The sets will be tested through Exova; a global leader in the provision of technically demanding laboratory-based testing, calibration and advisory services. Sound testing will be conducted to satisfy the ISO 10140-2: 2010 standard and fire testing will be conducted under British standard BS 476: Part 22. After the final stage, Burke Joinery will proudly launch the new product with the purpose of providing the highest quality for its customers.

However, this can be seen as the starting point as Burke Joinery will not stop there. We are committed to constantly tracking the innovations and trends in providing the room acoustics solutions. Therefore, further research and development in soundproof and fire resistance materials and doors is already ongoing. So, stay tuned cause once the door is unlocked it’s much easier to get inside.