September 5, 2016

The Irish Centre for Composites Research (IComp) is a technology centre who carries out extensive research in the area of modelling and testing of composite materials and structures. IComp provides research, consultancy, training and information services to the composite materials industry in Ireland. The centre has outstandingly well-equipped laboratories and computational resources, with the capability to manufacture, test, inspect and analyse virtually any type of composite structure.

Burke Joinery was recently involved in collaboration with IComp to find an optimal combination of materials to create a high performing fire rated and acoustic doors.

IComp’s mission is to provide innovative solutions to industry and accelerate economic growth in the Irish composites industry. IComp is committed to researching new and evolving technologies to address business needs and to maximise the potential of business members, whilst maintaining the highest quality standards of excellence.

This organisation is globally known for the excellence they provide in their work. Collaboration with NASA and the fact that many industry leaders such as Henkel and BE Aerospace became members of IComp, testifies about the highest quality standard they provide. Burke Joinery is also a proud member of this high esteemed organisation. Being a member of this organisation not only helps us to keep ahead of developments in the industry, but also keeps the evolving office and workplace dynamic.

As we already announced recently, Burke Joinery has been conducting research on soundproof and fire resistance material aiming to create a high performing, fire and acoustic doors at a competitive price. At Burke Joinery we pride ourselves on being innovative by taking the underlying principles of traditional joinery craft and developing them in a modern concept.

We are very grateful to have worked with the top professionals who helped us create a new, high quality product. During the research period, every detail was handled with expert attention, and the result was development of the best product that market can currently offer. Special thanks goes to UCD and Irish Centre for Composites Research for enabling Burke Joinery to serve its mission. Burke Joinery will continue to serve its mission by introducing a new product development in years to come. New products mean new specifications; however, we can guarantee it will be “joinery that matters”.

More information available at IComp, UCD.