At Burke Joinery Ltd. we produce our own range of high quality Class ‘O’ and Class ’1′ spread of flame Wall Panels. We have also achieved full certification from Chiltern International Fire for the production of our own one hour & half
hour Fire Doors and Wall Panels.

We use our own FRC system to achieve Class ‘O’ and Class ’1′ finishes. The FRC system is considered to be the most advanced treatment for the protection of timber from fire. The Burke Joinery Ltd.

FRC Hardcoat system may be used on interior woodwork, panels and in areas subject to abrasion eg. on Wall Panelling, Doors, and Skirtings etc. This FRC system will be of interest to clients seeking a hard, clear flame retardant with a top quality lacquer finish, with a long life span.

Of the additional products that we produce we are specialists in Bar & Reception Counters, Bank Counters & Fittings, Veneering, Laminating,

and all types of Architectural Joinery.

We are very happy to be in a position to produce any wood based furnishing for our clients. We manufacture anything from a simple cupboard to high – tech Reception Desks comprising of Timber, Glass & Stainless Steel.

What we do

  • 1/2 Hour & 1 Hour Fire Doors
  • Pre-Hung Door Sets
  • Wall Panelling
  • Architectural Joinery
  • Bar & Reception Counters
  • Bank Counters / Fittings
  • Veneering / Laminating
  • Timber Mouldings