Tischlerei Wenk door

30 years of experience in joinery manufacturing has led to specialising in what we are truly passionate about- building and designing great products. Many years in the industry has brought along a number of different projects that we are proud of. We believe that every space and piece of furniture should reflect the nature of people utilising it. That’s why we’ve worked on many projects with many different ideas, designs and structures.

However, there is one thing that all of our projects have in common: quality. Quality underpins everything that we do as it is the essential backbone of our product range and service. We are constantly investing in the most up to date technology and machinery, together with our highly skilled craftsmen. In line with that, collaboration with Tischlerei Wenk was more than welcome.

Tischlerei Wenk

By reputation, Tischlerei Wenk are known foremost as a highly skilled group of joinery craftsmen. They form a joinery based in Ostro, Germany. These experts in technically demanding woodwork have been in the industry for more than 80 years. Their portfolio of work includes religious facilities, restaurants, museums, city halls, and one off houses. Wenk craft has established itself as one of the most highly reputable in Germany, Russia and many other international markets. Their collection of highly-esteemed projects plug perfectly into their passion for creating highly visible joinery with lots of embellishment.

Lessons and improvements

Burke Joinery is proud to have had the opportunity to collaborate and first hand witness the excellence in craft they provide. We had Marian Wenk, Director, stay and work with us last year for a number of weeks. Marian was actively involved in various projects we had in production at the time. During that period, he shared his in-depth knowledge and expertise in the area of joinery craft. We also had an opportunity to discuss how best we could draw on each other’s experience and work systems.

What we have learned from each other contained more than just technicalities; optimal combination of advanced production technology and traditional methods can bring forward the fusion of ambitious design that perfects traditional to fit in the modern day context. Beauty of simplicity and aesthetics of the connection between the different materials was the focus point to become what we are today: innovative joinery developing modern day solutions.

We love to keep things simple and we enjoy when a project can express itself without any compromise. Finally, your space is valuable to you and it has to make you feel good. So, don’t compromise, customize.