Project: US Embassy in Dublin

October 20, 2016

Certain projects require the highest quality standards. Good example of such a prestigious project would certainly be supplying the US Embassy. US Embassy in Ireland is a new project taken by Burke Joinery where we will have a role of supplying and installing over 550 m2 of American Red Oak Akustik+ panelling. The project is expected to be complete within the coming months. What a privilege to be able to…

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Burke Joinery Collaborates with Airbnb


Airbnb, the world’s most famous online rental company certainly affected the travel industry worldwide. And while vacation used to mean staying in a hotel room paying hundreds, Airbnb found a way to provide people an experience of being on vacation but still feeling that comfort of home. Airbnb has the same policy for its offices; these modern day spaces express the company’s fresh and innovative spirit adding a breath of…

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Innovation Partnership Acoustic Solutions- Akustik+


Burke Joinery and Akustik + today announce a partnership arrangement that will offer some of the highest quality and innovative products in the field of room acoustics. The partnership between Burke Joinery and Akustik + creates the highest quality acoustic effective materials with wood-based material and fire protection panels, while also producing products out of glass, textile, metal or stone. This strategic partnership aims to offer customers the best of…

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Fire Rated Acoustic Door Set

Fire resistant acoustic door sets

At Burke Joinery we pride ourselves on being innovative by taking the underlying principles of traditional joinery craft and developing them in a modern concept. Recently we announced our partnership with Akustik+ to offer multiple acoustic solutions for controlling sound. Our passion for acoustics has inspired us to expand our product range and offer our clients the best quality door set that combines natural timber aesthetics, high acoustic and fire…

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In the media: Solutions that win over construction industry


With the growing need of boosting productivity at work, companies are now seeking to find an optimal solution to satisfy employee’s needs at work. One of the segments of the modern day productivity at work involves interaction with people. It also involves quite zone to gather peace of mind without feeling the noise disturbance from the voices of the colleagues sharing the same room. The result: open space office with…

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In Collaboration with IComp

September 5, 2016

The Irish Centre for Composites Research (IComp) is a technology centre who carries out extensive research in the area of modelling and testing of composite materials and structures. IComp provides research, consultancy, training and information services to the composite materials industry in Ireland. The centre has outstandingly well-equipped laboratories and computational resources, with the capability to manufacture, test, inspect and analyse virtually any type of composite structure. Burke Joinery was recently involved in…

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